New Member Class

Become a Member of Ascension Lutheran Church Columbus

People become part of our fellowship either by "transferring" their membership from another Lutheran church or by "Affirmation of Faith" if not currently a member of a Lutheran church.

If you wish to transfer your membership from another Lutheran church, you may write or call your home church informing them of your decision and they will send a letter of transfer. If you wish, the Membership Coordinator at Ascension can make this request.

When people wish to join our congregation who have been members of another Christian faith or have no religious affiliation, we request that they attend a class to learn about Lutheranism. If they have been baptized as a Christian, we receive them into the congregation by Affirmation of Faith (adult confirmation). If they have not been baptized, we receive them by the Sacrament of Baptism.

Orientation to Lutheranism

An introductory class on Lutheran beliefs taught by Pastor Tim Muller will be offered for those who are coming to us from another background. The next class series will be announced. This 3-part mini-course on Lutheranism has included a showing of the movie, Martin Luther.

Orientation to Ascension

An Introduction to Ascension class is especially for visitors, friends, new members and those considering membership at Ascension. This session may include:

  • Description of all the ministries and activities at Ascension, including a tour of the building
  • Description of our history, leadership and mission
  • Exploring our Spiritual Gifts: what they are and how to discern our own individual gifts and talents
  • Fellowship and getting to know one another

Everyone who becomes a member of Ascension is expected to attend an Orientation session such as this one to learn about the church. This is an open session, however, and anyone may attend to learn more about Ascension or to explore their own Spiritual Gifts.

NEXT SESSION: To Be Announced

Anyone is welcome to attend either of these sessions even if they are not yet ready to become members. For more information about joining Ascension, please call the church office at 262-7389.

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